Super Tech Ind. is in the field of Industrial Blades/Knives. Circular Saws/ Slitters, Sealing Jaws/Discs etc. since over last 15 years.

While all India market presence is considered as vital, exports to developed & developing countries viz. USA, Scotland, Malaysia, Cameroun, Singapore, Ceylon etc. is also given priority.

HSS & TCT Circular Saws are manufactured for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous applications. TCT Cutting Tools including Reamers / Slot Drills / End Mills / Milling Cutters are offered as per the requirement. HSS Circular Saws, for Solid & Hollow section-cutting, are having different Tooth Profiles for optimum results.

In the Food Industry, our products are used in the manufacturing line as well as in the packaging line. We give below the names of some of our valued customers :

Pepsi Foods,  Nestle, Cadbury, Britannia, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Burns Philip, Nichrome, Samarpan Fabricators,  Chordia Food Products,  etc…

Knives for packaging Machines are made to suit end applications i.e.for unit packaging and for  streamers. Cut-to-uncut ratio, in sachet streamers, ranges from 50% to 85%, for ease of separation and they can also have Zigzag/V-notch on the sides, to facilitate pouch opening. These Blades are given for FFS Machines as well as for Flow Pack Machines.

In case of high speed Packing Machines, like Tenchi Wrappers, Blades are made having Tungsten Carbide Tips for giving better wear-resistance.

Surface treatments like Nitriding, Tin Coating, Steam Tempering can be given to the tool for better performance. Cryogenic treatment also can be provided, if so desired.

Precision End Crimpers and Sealing Discs for Packing Machines viz.Cavanna, Autowrapper, Semca etc. can be offered if Technical Drawings/ Samples are provided.

Vital Components for Packing Machines, Pumps etc, which are difficult to machine & require high degree of accuracy, are manufactured by Investment Casting Process.

We can also offer precision Stainless Steel Ball Valves in 304, 316 & WCB variety to the exacting standards.